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Furosemide is used for treating fluid build-up and swelling caused by congestive heart failure, liver cirrhosis, or kidney disease.

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Furosemide generic equivalent drug from Europe costs much more than Furosemide. (Source: – The Complete Database) In January 2008, the FDA approved generic Furosemide (generic name: furosemide) for the treatment of bipolar disorder. According to the manufacturer, a 20-g container of generic Furosemide costs around $1,400 in the United States, while a 40-g container costs around $4,900. In some cases, a generic version is able to beat the price savings from a branded drug, but it'll cost an additional $30-$60. However, if your insurer is paying the full price of your drug, like Blue Cross has, it won't be an issue. A recent study indicated that, in total, generic drugs cost significantly more, and some of these are brand-name drugs that cost little or nothing to produce. Also, although the generic version of drug does have more active ingredients, it must contain all of the medicines from brand name version for the pill to be called a generic, and each brand generic drug prices canada vs us name medication carries with it a set list of medicines known as the active ingredient list, or ELI. In the case of generic furosemide, ELI for that drug is the same as ELI for branded furosemide. This means there is literally nothing new or innovative about the drug, and you would have to buy the expensive brand name drug to get the same benefit as generic. In addition, it must contain the identical set of ingredients. Another benefit is that most generic drugs are considered "better" than the branded version of drug. Generally these drugs have been shown to be more effective, for instance, at lowering low blood pressure. On the other hand, in situation where you have a brand name generic drug and you want to switch the generic, you'd be better off using a generic. The main benefit to switching from a branded drug to generic is the drug's lower cost. Generally, generic drugs cost around 10-30% cheaper than the brand name drug, which will put you ahead for Atovaquone buy online most illnesses, but be aware that brand-name drugs are sometimes required to meet certain standards on safety and efficacy. Since generic drugs may not contain the exact set of active ingredients required